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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Zodiac
Disclaimer: Although Sailormoon is a copyright of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei, and Kodansha; Sailormoon Zodiac (SMZ) is the property of Janelle J. (Miaka Shi) No one is to take the likenesses, names, storylines, or other original details unless they happen to be Takeuchi Naoko herself, or some other Japanese official.

Sailormoon Zodiac is a fanfic that was published on the internet from December 1995 to March 23, 1997. Sailormoon Zodiac by Janelle J. is the first Sailormoon fanfic that incorporated the Zodiac signs published on the Internet in English. Its not the best, the most entertaining, or anything like that--it's just the first.

Sailormoon Zodiac takes place in the anime right after the end of SailormoonSS (fourth season), but it does use references to the first few episodes from Sailormoon Sailorstars. This series is an alternative to the fifth and final season.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! - Starting in 1999, Sailormoon Zodiac began a process of revision. If you are a new reader to Zodiac, please either choose to read the old version or read ONLY the new version. You CANNOT read the rewritten episodes then read the rest of the old version--cauz it doesn't work that way. ^_^;; To old fans, the rewritten version in my opinion is superior to the old version. I suggest to all to read the rewrites and disregard the old version. Sailormoon Neo (the continuation) was written to fit with the rewrite, and so is Sailormoon Genesis (the prequel).

The following files are written to fit in a 1024x768 resolution in notepad without wordwrap. For this reason, these episodes will show up funny on some people's computers. I apologize. I will be releasing versions that can be read in .doc form as well. Eventually. ^^;

[Original Episode Version][Rewritten Episode Version]
  • Opening Scene
  • 1: The Birth of the Sailor Zodiac 1: Saitan // Rebirth
    2: The Age of Aquarius 2: Arashi ga Hajimaru // The Storm Begins
    3: Tremors 3: Jishin // Tremor
    4: Reunite 4: Kizuna // Togetherness
    5: Revelations 5: Hakken // Revelation
    6: The "V" Team 6: Shouri // Victory
    7: Soul Searching7: Tamashii no Sousaku // Soul Searching
    8: The Princess, Sailormoon 8: O-Hime-sama // The Princess
    9: One Life Lost, One Life Won9: O-Joou-sama // The Queen
    10: Poison Envy 10: Shitto // Envy
    11: Double Danger 11: Mishiranu Hito no Mune e // Into the Arms of a Stranger
    12: The Awakening 12: Mezame // The Awakening
    13: Winds of Change 13: Henka no Kaze // Winds of Change
    14: New Moon 14: Shingetsu // New Moon
    15: Child of the Future 15: Mirai no Kodomo // The Child of the Future
    16: Ghost of the Past 16: Kako no Yuurei // A Ghost of the Past
    17: Pieces of the Puzzle 17: Hakken II // The Second Revelation
    N/A 18: Tsumi to Batsu // The Crime and the Punishment
    18: Enter Darkness 19: Meikyuu // The Labyrinth
    19: Last Stand 20: Ooinaru Tatakai // The Great Battle
    N/A 21: Sangesuru Hoshi no Yoru // The Night of Falling Stars NEW!
    20: Starless Night 22: Mokushiroku // Apocalypse
    21: Emotions Running Deep 23: Danchou no Omoi // Heartfelt Sorrow
    22: Justice for the Enemy 24: Saibankan // The Judge
    23: Sacrifices 25: Gisei // Sacrifices
    24: The Becoming of One 26: Sanmiittai // Trinity
    25: Makenai! (Never Defeated) 27: Makenai! // I Won't Lose!
    Epilogue: The Bridge to Crystal Tokyo
    Afterword: Word by the Author

    Copyright 1995-2005 Janelle J. (Miaka Shi)
    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is a copyright of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei, and Kodansha; the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy, Sailormoon Zodiac (SMZ), Sailormoon Neo (SMNeo), and Sailormoon Genesis (SMGn) are the properties of Janelle J. No one is to take the likenesses, names, storylines, or other original details unless they happen to be Takeuchi-sensei herself, or some other Japanese official.
    Fanart, fan-poetry, and fan-fiction based on the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy are joint-properities of the respective author and of Janelle J. Featuring your artwork on this site means that it may be used for promotion or other usage. Comments are property of their poster.