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Frequently Asked Questions about Sailormoon-Millennia.Net

Art Gallery Related Questions:
Why will I be banned from the gallery for comments?
What kind of comments are unacceptable?
Someone is stealing your art?/Why did you steal my art?
How could you forget my name?
Can I take the images from the gallery and use it for a shrine to that character?
Can I have the email/webpage of the person who drew ____?

Question: Why will I be banned from the gallery for comments?

Answer: The fanart gallery is just that, a FAN art gallery. The people who send in art have age ranges from 8 to who knows and its quite frankly rude as hell for people to post comments like, "This sucks!" I absolutely will not stand for negativity in the fanart gallery. Some people can't draw, but want to give me presents or somehow show their appreciation--if I let people criticize, even constructively, then a lot of artists might be afraid to send me their art. Not everyone wants to be criticized, even if it helps them. Not everyone is an artist. Yes, this is a form of censorship--but this is NOT an art community. If you want an art community, there are plenty, I recommend Deviant Art. You can post your art and comment all you want there on technique and style.
The ONLY thing that should be commented on in this gallery is the artist's fandom, not their lack of art ability. I am allowing positive ommenting because 75% of commenters understand the point of the gallery without needing to be told. Unfortunately, there is an EXTREMELY obnoxious minority that thinks this is a place to bitch about art.

Question: What kind of comments are unacceptable?

Answer: If the sentence contains the word, "but" or "except" in it, then its probably unacceptable. Anything that has nothing to do with the art is unacceptable this includes, discussion on the Senshi in particular, the series, the plot, or anything else. If you want to discuss these things, join the forum, that's what it exists for. Here are examples of unacceptable comments (adapted from real comments.)
- "Wow, this picture looks like my character Sailorlupis from my fanfic, except that in my fanfic Sailorlupis controls wolves."
- "This is awesome, except you totally need to work on your proportions! Damn her legs are skinny!"
- "I thought Seishi was supposed to be sad. She looks depressed here."
- "This looks too much like Ayanami Rei."
- "This sucks, what were you thinking?"
- "Hey look, its Sailorsaturn!" (when its Capricorn)
- "This is great, but stop copying Naoko Takeuchi's art style!"
- "Nice pic, but jesus Jessica is such a confused white bitch! What's her problem? She needs a serious smack down."
- "I agree, Jessica's such a whore. What's her problem? That crazy lesbo needs to seriously have her ass kicked by Aquarius or something!"
- "Jessica's just confused. You might be if you were in her situation! Nice pic, btw."

Anything remotely resembling the above examples or anything remotely negative will be deleted. If I have to delete more than three comments from someone, they will be banned from viewing the art gallery.

Question: Someone is stealing your art!/Why are you stealing my art?

Answer: In both cases, please report theft.
If someone is stealing my art, please report it and the matter will be handled accordingly. Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention.
As for stealing other people's art, I assure you that *I* did not steal your art. Obviously, someone did--but it was not me. Clearly from the size of the gallery you can see that I don't need to steal art, and furthermore, have a lot of people submitting stuff. Unfortunately, I do not have a way to authenticate work that I recieve. Please let me know in a calm manner that the art is stolen and try and submit some proof (such as the website where you posted it--obviously, it is hard to believe someone could have stolen work if you haven't posted it online.) I will also give you any information I have on the person who claimed to do the work, such as IP address or email address, if I have it.

Question: How could you forget my name?

Answer: If you are one of the fan-artists whose name I forgot, I'm VERY sorry! I lost alot of emails that held information about each artwork when my harddrive went boom. Please just email me your name or whatever and all will be well. I'm really, really sorry. Also, it helps to sign your work, that way it makes it a little harder for assholes to steal it and call it their own.

Question: Can I take the images from the gallery and use it for a shrine to that character?

Answer: Maybe. It depends. Please email me regarding that. :)

Question: Can I have the email/webpage of the person who drew ____?

No. If people wish to be contacted, then they give me their email address and their webpage. Many artists do not wish to be contacted regarding their art. In many cases, the art was done as a gift to me. Its sort of rude to email people and ask for artwork, unless they're running a commission art business. ^^; So, if the person's email or webpage address isn't linked in the image, I'm not going to invade their privacy by giving it to you. Sorry. ^^;

Any other questions? Feel free to email me :)

Copyright 1995-2005 Janelle J. (Miaka Shi)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is a copyright of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei, and Kodansha; the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy, Sailormoon Zodiac (SMZ), Sailormoon Neo (SMNeo), and Sailormoon Genesis (SMGn) are the properties of Janelle J. No one is to take the likenesses, names, storylines, or other original details unless they happen to be Takeuchi-sensei herself, or some other Japanese official.
Fanart, fan-poetry, and fan-fiction based on the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy are joint-properities of the respective author and of Janelle J. Featuring your artwork on this site means that it may be used for promotion or other usage. Comments are property of their poster.