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Frequently Asked Questions about the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy

Here's a guide to questions people usually ask...if you want to email me, please make sure you're not going to ask one of the following questions.
Please be aware that anything marked with 'spoiler' means that it is IMPERATIVE that you finish the fanfic before you read the answer.
Questions about:
Sailormoon Zodiac
Sailormoon Neo
Sailormoon Genesis
Fanfic writing

Questions about Sailormoon Zodiac

    Q: How do you keep track of so many characters?
    A: Well, I don't think I really did a good job keeping track of so many characters. =P As you can plainly see, characters like Capricorn are fairly underdeveloped. I think that happens with every book, but unfortunately, you would expect all the Zodiac Senshi to be equally developed. I don't think that's necessarily true. Look at any series with lots of characters in it and you'll see some just simply don't get as much development. In Sailormoon, Sailorsaturn and Sailorpluto are fairly underdeveloped. If you watched the anime alone, you'd see Saturn in less than 10% of the episodes. If you look at Fushigi Yuugi, Chiriko and Mitsukake are fairly underdeveloped.

    Q: Why is Sailorleo/Jessica such a bitch?!
    A: Because people can be bitches.

    Q: Why is Sailorleo the way she is? I'm a Leo and I'm not like that!
    A: I find it ironic that the people who email me with this question/statement usually end it with something like, "I demand you change it!" Its funny when people say they're not at all like Jessica when they email me acting just like Jessica. ^_~ Anyways, I don't particularly believe in the Zodiac or the idea that the Zodiac guides everyone's behavior. I took some elements of the sign and put them into the character, so you get some positive aspects of Leo such as leadership, but some negative aspects such as arrogance. Each character works like that, though some characters are obviously more annoying than others. But we all know, in life, some people really are more negative than others.

    Q: Why does Cancer have wind attacks when she's a water sign?/Why are the Zodiac's colors wrong?/(enter nitpicky question here)
    A: Who really cares if the Zodiac's colors aren't right? Who cares if Cancer is a water sign but has wind attacks? Who cares if Virgo's attacks are gravity based? Does it really matter? I don't think it does. Its just a story. If you really have a problem with the fanfic, my suggestion is to go write a story and make it "right" rather than criticizing mine for such silly reasons as Senshi colors or attacks. If everyone who wrote a Zodiac story had the "right colors" and followed the Zodiac to the book then everyone's characters would be very similar. It was annoying enough having to follow the Zodiac somewhat and fearing the characters would end up too much like Takeuchi Naoko's. Why did I do things the way I did? Creative licensce. =P I mean hell, look at Takeuchi's Sailormoon. Why does Pluto have time powers and Saturn death powers? You could do three things with that question and the questions about Zodiac: whine about it, try and find some deep explanation for it, or you could just shrug it off and follow the story. I suggest the latter, it makes for healthier living. :)

    Q: Why doesn't Sailorlibra have a 'real name'?
    A: Because she wasn't ever reborn on Earth. If you're asking me this question then you have not read the fanfic first. ^^;

Questions about Sailormoon Neo
    Q: Who is your favorite character?
    A: I used to say Seishi and Kasumi. Its true that while I was writing the series they became my favorites, even though that wasn't the original intent. When I write things just happen, characters evolve as they do. I was planning to love Jupiter Kamen, but by the end he became one of the characters I really disliked. I used to think characters like Megami were weak, but now that I'm older I realize, "So what?" Obviously not everyone's born to be a killer. She's not, and there's nothing wrong with that. Its just too bad for her. Now that I'm older, I think I really dislike Seishi the most. She's just really whiny and annoying and ready to blame everyone for her problems but herself. Its hard to say which is my favorite--I really love to hate characters ^^;

    Q: How do the ages in Sailormoon Neo work again?
    A: Well, I suggest you just try not to think about it. I figure that its just better that way. ^_~ But its supposed to work with how old you appear. Obviously this suggests that they've found a way to determine a physical difference between a 14 year old and a 15 year old. The problem is I had to deal with a situation with the Silver Crystal making people last forever, yet stay in the same bodies. This would mean that people age ridiculously slowly now. This created a slight absurdity: Isn't it ridiculous to think that ALL the Senshi decided to have their children the same year? Think about it, if you lived for two thousand years, why on earth would you and all your friends all decide to have children in 2014 AD? =P Obviously there would be huge gaps in when people had children, thus huge gaps in age. I then decided the only way to have characters all around the same age would be if ages worked based on appearance. Yes its silly, but the whole thing is pretty damn silly too. Like I said, the best suggestion is just not to think about it. ^^;

    Q: Why is Ami such a bitch?/Why does Ami hate Kasumi?
    A: Ami's not a bitch. She's not even a bad parent. She's just a busy parent and Kasumi's fairly needy. Everyone knows that parents will dote on their first child. Often its the case where the second child doesn't have as many photographs as the first. I know that's how it worked in my family. Ami looked at Megami as a blessin, she looked at Kasumi as a blessing--but knowing that Kasumi was a genius, she saw no need to freak out the same way as when Megami accomplished something. She didn't know it, but she was alienating her daughter. It doesn't help that Kasumi's a naturally jealous girl. And perhaps, somewhere deep down, Ami's a bit threatened of Kasumi's intelligence. Ami was one of those girls who needed to study her ass off to get to where she was, whereas Kasumi's just genuinely smart.

    Q: Who/What inspired your characters?
    A: Here's a little run down of some of the characters which I had particular plans for:

  • Shino Seishi/Neo Saturn - Her personality is what I think people wish Hotaru was like, or what people pretend Hotaru was like in the original Sailormoon. Seishi is what I sort of wish Hotaru was like, except Seishi's a bit too psychotic for a kid's show, you know? Seishi is like...the epitome of a cool "dark" character, plus the whiny aspect people rarely look at.
  • Umino Kasumi/Neo Mercury - Looks wise, Kasumi has the appearance of Ayanami Rei from Evangelion. I think that's obvious to any Eva watchers. Originally, I had wanted to make a character COMPLETELY opposite to Ami-chan. However, like I mentioned in another answer, she evolved into something else.
  • Hateshinai Aiko/Neo V - Well, her personality is...well, every team needs the quiet, shy one, so there she is. However, to spice her up, she got a personality complex stemming from her need to feel loved and needed. (see the question on Neo V for more info) The hair growing thing was inspired by the shoujo anime Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. I just thought it was really cool that Ririka's hair grew when she transformed. ^_^;
  • Umino Megami/Neo Neptune - Her looks are directly tied to Sailoraluminumsiren from Sailorstars, because I like that look. I think the hair is perfect and reminds a person of flowing water. Her personality was originally a super genki girl who was just a tad naive--but then she began to evolve into this fairly cowardly person. She really wasn't built for Senshi-dom, but I'm glad I made a character like her. Its always confused me why in superhero series' the characters all seem to accept their destiny and do a pretty good job at it. That's pretty weird, hell, there's people really poorly suited for their jobs in every occupation. :P
  • Tokino Yoake/Neo Pluto - Every anime also needs the ditzy girl. She isn't really ditzy tho, just silly. Her hairstyle is inspired by Soi from Fushigi Yuugi, which I thought was a really cool hair-style.

    SPOILER! Q: Why did Aiko take Sailor V's form over Sailor Venus?
    A: There is no real difference, but Aiko just wanted to be different. She didn't want to be part of the team, she wanted to be on her own. She still gets her power from Venus, although she replaces the word Venus with Victory in her attacks. However, the team is weaker because she is Sailor V because she does not recognize Venus as her planet. The power of the mind is a very important thing. :P

    SPOILER! Q: Why'd Himeko get Uranus' power?
    A: You'll know when I finish Sailormoon Genesis. =P Here's a hint though, she is NOT the rebirth of Miranda.

    SPOILER! Q: What was the 'gift' that Seishi gave Kasumi?
    A: While I thought this sort of thing was obvious, I suppose it really isn't. What Seishi gave her was the child that Seishi was carrying. Who's the father of this child? Ryuu of course. Does Kasumi know that it was Seishi's child? Of course. Kasumi's extremely intelligent, why else would she have named the child 'Tomoe'? Also, does she know that Ryuu is the father? Probably so. Does she love Tomoe? Yes, I would have to say Kasumi thinks of her truly as a gift. Of course, spin-off fanfic writers may have a different view of this. :)

Questions about Sailormoon Genesis
    Q: Why are they called 'Earthians' and not Terrans or Earthlings?
    A: Well, first, the reason why they're not called 'Earthlings' is because Earthling is a diminutive. I would imagine if there were somesort of galactic empire, Earthling might even be derogatory.
    I didn't choose Terran strictly because people refer to the planet Earth in the Silver Millennium as 'Earth' and not 'Terra.' Terra does not exist, hence Terrans do not exist. Plus it has this sort of sci-fi/video-gamey feel to it. True, some people might feel that Earthian sounds silly, but I can't make everyone happy. :)

    Q: Why is it called Gaea Castle and not Miranda Castle?
    A: It *is* called Miranda Castle, just at THIS point in the story it's called Gaea Castle. If you'd like more of a hint, Miranda was originally named Gaea. However, I was warned by fans that Gaea is a pretty overused name in the Otaku Senshi world, so I should change it. I decided to switch Miranda Castle and Princess Gaea to Gaea Castle and Princess Miranda.

Questions about Fanfics
    Q: How long have you been writing?
    A: I've been writing since I can remember. The farthest back I can distinctively remember writing an actual 'story' is the 4th grade though. I've been writing fanfics since 1995.

    Q: How did you come up with the names/attacks/powers?
    A: I don't know, things just come to mind. Especially the attacks and powers, I pull ideas from everywhere. As for names, I originally tried to make them Japanese with "meaning" but as I studied Japanese I realized that was absolutely ridiculous. Japanese people don't have names like "Distant Star of the Shining Meadow" or "Death God of Blood Mountain" so as I continued writing, those names started to disappear and became more normal. Most of my Japanese names came the same way most Japanese authors decide to name their characters: I liked the way it sounded.

    Q: Can you help me name characters/make characters?
    A: No, but if you go to the forum you can get a lot of help. If you need naming help, we've got several topics in the forum dedicated to how to properly name Japanese characters. :)

    Q: How did you get your fanfic so popular/How can I get those fanartists to draw for me too?
    A: I think the fanfic became popular because it was hosted on my old website, The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway. You wouldn't know of it unless you've been in the SM Internet community for more than five years. At its peak, that site recieved over 600 hits a day--so the fanfic had pretty high visibility. I honestly don't know why it remains popular, or how got so much fanart--I don't consider the fanfic to be *great* or anything, but apparently its entertaining. As for fanartists, I figure most of them really like the series but there may be some of them who just like drawing other characters. I ultimately don't know. ^^;

    Q: Would you like to co-write something with me/Can I write something with you?
    A: I'm sorry no. ^^; I have many reasons, but the main one is that I'm a fairly busy person and I don't have time for new projects or joint projects.

    Q: Do you write original stories/Do you write fanfics for other series?
    A: I do write original stories, and currently, I'm trying to dream up a new project to work on. As for other series, I've only written one fanfic for another series (Fushigi Yuugi), though I did have plans for two other FY fanfics. I have to like a series an AWFUL lot and have an immense bank of information in my head about the series to want to write about it.

    Q: Can you read my fanfic and give me tips on it?
    A: I don't read fanfiction. I never have and never really will. ^^; I know that sounds strange since I write fanfiction, but I've read a total of maybe 10 Sailormoon fanfics in my life and I liked roughly a third of the ones I read. However, if you go to the forum, there's plenty of people who love reading fanfics and will probably give you tips on it :)

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