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since April 26, 2001

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How to Contact Janelle

Do not email me without reading the faq, the site FAQ, or this page first. I will not answer questions that have already been answered on the website.

    - I will *NOT* translate words into Japanese for you to make names. If you'd like help, please join the discussion forum and look in the Fanfiction Writing category for help with naming characters.

    - I absolutely love and appreciate all the support people have given me. I'm flattered to tears that you like my characters and my story, but you cannot use the characters or the settings in my fanfic for your stories unless you are writing a spin-off story. If you're going to do it anyways, regardless of my answer, then don't bother emailing me, since I'm going to say no. If you're interested in writing a spin-off or a sequel, please read the spin-off/sequel guidelines

    Sorry to have to make you go through with this stuff just to email me, but I know (and it's been demonstrated) that the more popular stuff gets, the more weird and annoying emails I get. Now, if you've read all that and still need to email me. Then open up your email program and cut and paste 'janelle_DELETE THIS_@sailormoon-millennia.net' into it, and of course delete the part that says _DELETE THIS_ (that's to throw off spambots). I would make a link, but if I did that, then people would scroll past my bitching.

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Fanart, fan-poetry, and fan-fiction based on the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy are joint-properities of the respective author and of Janelle J. Featuring your artwork on this site means that it may be used for promotion or other usage. Comments are property of their poster.