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Sailormoon-Millennia.Net: Fan Written Sequels, Spinoffs, Etc.

Throughout the years, I've been blessed by people who so enjoyed my work they decided to go off and create within the world. Here are most of those stories. Please note, this list is in chronological order--so the ones near the top may have dead links, while the ones near the bottom are more likely to be active. If you're interested in writing, or interested in more stories, check out the s-m.net forums spinoff & sequel forum. All the latest stories and updates are there, plus you can read the guidelines for writing a spinoff and bounce ideas off other writers. :)

Name: Project: Seijitsu Minako
Author: Kelly Wright
Janelle's Comments: Kelly Wright's (of ShinoSeishi.com) fanfic about Seijitsu Minako, Hateshinai Aiko's daughter. There's not much on this site but a main page, but stay tuned in the future for more.

Name: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Apocalypse
Author: KelseyML (senjomiko_chan@hotmail.com)
Description/Teaser: Evil has once again come to threaten the peaceful Solar System, this time in the form of a mysterious queen with a dark secret and her ruthless "improved" Senshi. The Sailor Team must rise again, but will the Senshi be equal to the challenge? Hidden agendas and personality clashes divide the Sailor Senshi as tragedy snares them and slowly, inevitably, begins to tighten the noose...
Janelle's Comments: Very refreshing and well written, this is one of my favorites of all the fan-fanfiction. She's taken the children of the Neo Senshi and breathed life into them. It fits wonderfully into the original Trilogy while still maintaining its own originality and style.

Name: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Crystal
Author: MakoChan78 (Arashi_Shizumi@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: The peaceful serene world that Queen Usagi Lady Serenity rules is about to come to the end of it's goldden age. A new enemy appears in her dreams forwarning her of impending danger. A coronation party is held for Shizuki-chan on her 17th b'day. Afterwards there is a special secret coronation ceremony with just the planetary rulers. At this party Queen Serenity calls upon the past Guardians for guidence in choosing the next senshi........
Janelle's Comments: The website to this fanfiction is very well done and has lots of great stuff to look at. The story is fast paced and has interesting characters.

Name: Sailormoon Generations [not available yet]
Author: Herby
Description/Teaser: The mysterious return of two new senshi distrupts Princess Usagi Shizuki Tsuniko's Coronation Ceremony, altering the course of the Neo Silver Millenium. Once again, the mothers must pass on their lineage as sailorsenshi. The lives of their children will stir, changing the face of thier lives forever. Fate is spinning her thread, weaving the saga of another white moon princess and her court.
Janelle's Comments: None yet. ^_^

Name: Sailormoon Horizon [not currently available]
Author: Kiryuu
Description/Teaser: Upon their return to Star, the Star Senshi's powers were drained from them, since there was no reason for them to retain them on the now peaceful kingdom of Star. Stella reigns as queen, and marries, soon having a child of her own. In the slums of Star, around the same time that Stella's daughter was born, was a mirror to the Princess. As the two grew older, never meeting, the mirror of the princess became very bitter towards the royal family because she feels they have betrayed their people. The mirror, known as Hinotamano Kyoko, has the ability to power up into a Sailor Senshi. And she seems too familier to Stella for her own good.
Janelle's Comments: Another very well written, fast-paced story. Great characterizations of the Star Senshi.

Name: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Messiah
Author: Namika (aka. Denise) (daisy0309@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Years of peace have finally been shattered and it is time for the Sailor Senshi to awaken once more. The pawns are in place and the game has begun...but can the senshi set aside their differences to defeat this new evil who creates his own rules to the game? Will the new Messiah rise to the challenge, or will bitterness lead her to submit to the temptations of darkness?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Neo Zodiac
Author: SagittariusKamen (aka. Daniel)
Description/Teaser: Four thousand years have past since the Zodiac Sailor Scouts (Koudoutai Senshi?) fought side by side with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. Much has happened during these past centuries. Their rebirth; the rise of a new evil; and their destruction. The evil has once again reared its head and prepares to sweep unopposed across the face of the universe. But from their ashes arises a lone warrior; bound by duty, and driven by vengeance; who dares oppose this evil. And though he knows, hopes, that it will cost him his life; he will awaken the reborn senshi and "make all things right once again."
Janelle's Comments: This story has completely original characters with the original characters of the Trilogy in the background. It has a much edgier and modern feel than other spin-offs.

Name: Sailormoon Planet
Author: Kelly Moule
Description/Teaser: [not currently available]
Janelle's Comments: The beginnings of a fanfic spin-off story that continues Sailormoon Neo and talks about the lives of their children. The fanfic doesn't seem to go with how the real Neo ended--either that, or the page was concieved premature to the end of Neo. Whichever. ^_^;

Name: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Silver
Author: Matt Jordan (Ainokage)
Description/Teaser: [not currently available]
Janelle's Comments: A spin-off/continuation to Sailormoon Neo. I'm very happy with it so far, the author takes great pains to make sure everything fits within my fairly screwy continuum. ^_^; Definately worth a look!

Name: Sailormoon Twilight
Author: Nathan
Description/Teaser: The arrival of a dark prince and his band of soldiers bent on revenge destroys the fragile peace of the flourishing Neo Silver Millennium. The newest generation of senshi are activated. The cycle continues. The new soldiers must face impossible odds, an enemy who is strangely tied to a glorious civilization of the past, loss of loved ones, and coping with their newfound senshi-dom. Even as they try to protect their own kingdom, the team is plagued with petty rivalries, rejection, and jealousy. Who ties them all together? The Princess of the Moon, the heir to the Neo Silver Millennium, and possibly their very salvation.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: [currently untitled]
Author: Souther
Description/Teaser: With the imminent ascendency of Princess Serenity to the Neo-Crystal Throne, the world's governments react in panic to the impending rule of a young girl over the world's second-richest nation. The secret of Sailor Saturn is out, as well, and Sailor Moon, despite her image in Japan as a blend of Princess Di and the Gautama Buddha, is now seen by China and the West as "the girl with Armageddon in her pocket". As the Sailor Senshi try to make the change from soldiers to statesmen, and put out political fires, The Loved One, a rebel against Neo-Queen Serenity's reign of peace from 800 years in the future, seeks to use the present chaos to poison the roots of The Crystal Imperium's future before it can threaten his dreams of power. Imprisoned outside the flow of time by Neosailorpluto, his bid for escape results in the resurrection of the Zodiac Senshi, who find themselves to be humanity's only hope against this threat to the future.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: The Second Zodiac Senshi
Author: Sailor Sprite
Description/Teaser: [not currently available]
Janelle's Comments: A spin-off of Sailormoon Zodiac. Episodes 6-10 are currently up as well as some character information on them.

Name: Sailormoon Rebirth
Author: Saine (saine@aessedai.net)
Description/Teaser: When a mysterious alien race begins attacking, a new team of senshi must form to fight them. New senshi appear to help the fight, with no idea of who they are and why the aliens want the Flora Vita, a powerful object that is thought to be lost.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Legend of the Talismans [not currently available]
Author: HH, (or Carolyn W.) (biggiworm@aol.com)
Description/Teaser: Stories about each of the talisman explaining the origin and how each talisman came into existance.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Neo Zodiac
Author: Ellie Seljan (lucky_ducky_1228@hotmail.com)
Description/Teaser: 500,000 years into the future after Neo, The Gizuinsho is a thing of the past, and the world is at the point of total Anarchy. But, It is destined to come once again and save the world, With the rebirth of the Queen. But, while she is still a baby, there are forces out to get her, so she is protected by four beings reawakened after Eons of sleep. Sailor taurus, Virgo, Cancer and capricorn. But, the Goddess which is in charge of these beings had to give up four of the Zodiacs in order to be able to revive them. She had to give them up to the God of war, Ares. He claimed over Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Saggitarius. But wait..something was wrong...Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Piescies had gone missing. 18 years ago there had been four Virgin births, and these four were the result of them. At their birth the goverment took them in and hid them for their whole lives, subjects of endless testing. But, little does the Goverment, or even most of the Gods know of the terrible secret these four hide within them......
Janelle's Comments:

Name: The Sailormoon Trinity (SM Goddess, SM Electrum, and SMLegend)
Author: Cinue til Alveris/ Cinue Hime (cinuehime@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: SMGoddess begins this trilogy with the told and retold tale of the Neo Senshi's children. Shizuki's a bitch, Minako's a slut, and the rest of them aren't too well-adjusted either. Enter the Neo Zodiac Team, led by the reborn Queen Selestia. Havoc ensues.
In SMElectrum, the history of the Neo Zodiac Team is explored, and deeper levels are added to thier personalities and motivations. Queen Akira rules over Crystal Tokyo, but is unable to use the power of the Illusion Silver Crystal. Meanwhile, Elysion, desperate for the defense of Earth, creates the elemental senshi. Unbalanced, but powerful, they add a fresh layer of chaos to an already twisted plot.
SMLegend is the newest chapter in the trilogy. In this, Crystal Tokyo is destroyed by avatars of Japanese deities, who claim thier princess Amaterasu was stolen by the Senshi. A few refugees escape to Star, and from thier number a new Sailor Team is chosen. Venus is a communist, Jupiter a 1980's punk-rocker, Mars is a total wuss, and the three great powers of Sun, Moon, and Stars are nowhere to be found.
And that's just the beginning..
Janelle's Comments:

Name: SailorMoon Moonlight
Author: Shirahime (blurred_shirahime01@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Princess Selenity has escaped from the hands of her tyranical mother, but with a price. Now she is an outcast of her home, and an orphan. She has nowhere ot turn, and no one to help her save Luna and Artemis, her two kittens. Now she must find the courage to carry on, for the very balance of fate lies upon the child she will bear. She is whisked away to a galaxy set against the rule of Selestia, and now she finds that there is a greater threat to this system, the Being of Conquering Power. Now it is time for Selenity to fight in the name of the moon, unless she wants to face the same tragedy that she recieved in the Golden Millennium. Becoming alone.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Cyber
Author: Fuuseiko Chihana/Petrael (pakwhitaker@juno.com)
Description/Teaser: The children of the Neo senshi have embarked on a new journey. And this time, the world is filled with technology and old enemies. But how will the Sailor Senshi react when they have the Zodiac Senshi to compete with?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Requiem
Author: Frank (SkiDude1987@aol.com)
Description/Teaser: When Neo Silver Queen Serenity and King Trent died under mysterious circumstances, Shizuki siezed control of the Neo Moon Kingdom immediately. Her corrupt rule is hated by all in the Sol System and there are whispers of an ancient shadow returning after a very long sleep. There is a great blackness spreading throughout the universe that must be stopped and the Shadow Senshi are awakened. Now new senshi are entering the solar system and no one is sure who's side they are really on. Will they help push back the darkness? Or is the apocalypse drawing nearer?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Radiance
Author: MercuryBlue (mercurybluesmng@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Several thousand years before, Solana, the eldest daughter and heir of Queen Selestia of the Golden Millennium, had conquered the Crystal Millennium and instated the Neo Golden Millennium. The Neo Senshi, protectors of that time, defeated Solana, but at the cost of the life of one of their own, the sanity of another, and the memories of a third. Now, in the Neo Silver Millennium, Solana has returned, taking over the body of Queen Serenity III. The Crystal Senshi must be awakened to protect the Neo Moon Kingdom. Two of those three Neo Senshi lost in the battle with Solana left no known heirs. More of the people they are sworn to protect are lost to Solana each day. With two missing from their number, can the Crystal Senshi defeat Solana without destroying Serenity as well?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: SM Purity
Author: Hoshie Asami (hoshieasami@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Karei has a strange vision, but that's only the start. Now with a new threat appearing the new group of sailor senshi are needed. But can they defeat this new enemy?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Stargazer
Author: Shirahime (blurred_shirahime01@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: The princesses of Star are called to the Throne Room, and they find Stella with the former Star senshi. As the sacred ceremony begins, the Star senshi are stripped of their powers and the Neo Zodiac senshi are then chosen. Now Neo Star must find them and help them all to awaken, before the looming darkness comes and ends their prosperous way of life and destroys the Opaque-Millennium. Even so, their power might not be enough even when combined, and so the senshi of Ra are now awakened once again from their slumber since their unrightful first at the beginning of the Silver Millennium (Please refer back to SMMoonlight for more information), and the stakes are high as Neo Star and Neo Ra must act together if they are to save the people they love.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Empyrean [not currently available]
Author: Wingless Seraphim (winglessseraphim@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Eighteen-year-old Kage Shizuki, now Queen Selene has been ruling the Neo Silver Millennium for three years, when a threat arises from Queen Helia of the Golden Kingdom and her Zodiac Senshi. She must Awaken the Eternal Senshi and become the champion of justice, Empyreal Sailormoon. And then there's Star and her Constellation Senshi...but are they friend...or foe?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Infinity [not currently available]
Author: Flying Heart (flying_heart0@yahoo.com.tw)
Description/Teaser: As the golden moon turns to white, it will disappear from sight. The peach-colored moon replaces it but those clouds are covering itís light. The nine planets need to be awaken, to save this horrible sight. The twelve stars are dimmering, we need to give them light.
As Queen Serenity's hair slowly turns to white, the new enemy appears. What will happen to Shizuki and the seishi?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: BSSM Neo Millennium
Author: Lizzie (lavenderlizzie@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Solana returns mysteriously from the dead seeking revenge on the Neo senshi through their children. Soon, a new generation of soldiers, the Neo Millennium senshi, are awakened, despite Solana's efforts to corrupt the Lines of the planets of the Silver Millennium. But will they be able to defeat the enemy after learning who she really is?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Ilium
Author: Saine (saine@aessedai.net)
Description/Teaser: The Neo Silver Millennium is at peace while the prophecy of ultimate destruction at ultimate peace has been forgotten. The peace is destroyed when Princess Shizuki falls in love with the wrong man. War soon breaks out, leading the path to the ultimate destruction of both sides.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: SailorMoon Constellation
Author: CallistoPhalan (tcmatteson@noctrl.edu)
Description/Teaser: After the Zodiac senshi were defeated by their own power-hungry queen the Sailor Senshi have only a brief time of peace before the next strike against the tiny blue planet occurs. A formidable foe with links to a past enemy leave the senshi into questioning the true nature of the universe. Among new enemies and new friends prophecies of old are uncovered and fulfilled leading to the rise of Neo Queen Serenity's Crystal Kingdom- the heart of which is Crystal Tokyo.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Gold
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: A collection of stories and legends from the Creation up to the very begin of the Silver Millennium. Details the rise and fall of the greatest kingdom ever to regin in the Universe, The Golden Millennium.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Ever Night
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Two thousand years after the defeat of Solana, Stella now reigns as Queen on Star. A shadow fills her dreams and she is scared that a threat of immense power now will destroy her peaceful kingdom. Only her daughter, Felicity and the Neo Zodiac Senshi can face this threat, but Stella's dreams see more than victory...
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Princess
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: The Neo Silver Millennium is in its five hundredth year. Peace reigns, but after Princess Shizuki returned from the past the Queen has taken ill. On top of that a woman claiming to be the true heir of Golden Millennium has appeared. Her powerful senshi outmatch the Next generation of Sailor Senshi even now that they have new recruits to the team.
Twists and turns, a plenty, in this thrilling saga of Princess Shizuki's ascension as the messiah that her mother could never be.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Bloodlust
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: After the battle with Solana II, the Neo Zodiac Senshi returned to Star with all the refugees. They rebuildt what was destoryed and made the Star Millennium whole once more.
Now that two hundred years has passed all is peaceful once more...but a new threat arises. One that is more sinster than before. Will the Neo Zodiac Senshi discover the root of this new evil or will the Star Millennium fall forever into darkness?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Nemesis
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Five hundred years has passed and peace reigns in the Neo Silver Millennium. The former Neo Senshi excluding Himeko and Megami rule the planets of their ancestors. Neo Queen Serenity III (Shizuki) rules in equality along side her husband, King Vulcan (Kenneth).
The peace is threatened by a senshi rumored to have been lost. Refugees of Sailornemesis' judgment have come to Earth seeking sancutary and help. Discussions are held and the Eternal Sailor Senshi are to be called upon once more... but help arrives from the future and from the past. The question now is... how will it all end?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Daemon
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: A thousand more years pass like water under the bridge. Peace is the norm but a turmoil boils just beneath the surface. An evil the likes of which the Sailor Senshi groups of the past have never faced has grown stronger with each passing century and now an old war threatens to destory the Universe. The next generation of Sailor Senshi have been trained well, but not even they are totally prepared for this new devilry.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Absolution
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Will be give later...
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Hybrid
Author: Fuuseiko Chihana/Petrael (pakwhitaker@juno.com)
Description/Teaser: Fifteen generations have passed since Neo. Senshi are rare if present and the children of the Neo senshi have had children with other senshi. However, this is revealed to be a plot by someone. As the rebirth of LibraKamen begins to figure out what's going on it becomes eminent that the senshi should be awakened. But a question arises, what is the most tragic fate in the world? (Set in the realm of Cyber)
Janelle's Comments:

Name: BSSM Mystique
Author: Ariake Mikazuki (ariakemikazuki@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Night no longer lives, as the children of the Sun now awaken from the ashes, and rule what used to be the Neo Silver Millenium. But lying forgotten in the ruins of the old, new life stirs in the light of the fallen Moon. Dreams call for the awakening of the chosen senshi, but are they willing to embrace another war, or are they reluctant to abandon the peace of Daylight?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Rising
Author: MercuryBlue (mercurybluesmng@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Tau Ceti has returned. There is only one person on Earth who can survive the transition from "possessed by Tau Ceti" to "Silent Angel" : the daughter of Shino Seishi. Tau Ceti wants her. Seishi may be dead, but she isn't out of the game. She will do everything in her power to keep her daughter alive and safe, even if this means an innocent girl must die.
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Intrepid
Author: Fuuseiko Chihana/Petrael (pakwhitaker@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: The Neo senshi's children are nearly grown up. But something's not quite right as the senshi keep awakening one by one. Who's the real enemy? And who is really trying to kill Shizuki?
Janelle's Comments:

Name: Sailormoon Ascension
Author: Samantha B. (silverphoenix23@yahoo.com)
Description/Teaser: Ten thousand years have passed since the fall of the Neo Silver Millennium. The ages before are seen as legends and myths and the Last Scion of Selestia, The Line of the Silver Star, now rules the Sol System. A paraniod King sits on the Celestial Throne and is guarded by the lastest generation of Zodiac Senshi. Turmoil breaks out as the reborn children of the Neo Sailor Senshi are awakened, but can peace be salvaged or will the Eternal Star Millennium be doomed to fall as well...
Janelle's Comments:

Copyright © 1995-2005 Janelle J. (Miaka Shi)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is a copyright of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei, and Kodansha; the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy, Sailormoon Zodiac (SMZ), Sailormoon Neo (SMNeo), and Sailormoon Genesis (SMGn) are the properties of Janelle J. No one is to take the likenesses, names, storylines, or other original details unless they happen to be Takeuchi-sensei herself, or some other Japanese official.
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