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since April 26, 2001

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The Fandom of Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy
Fan Created Shrines, Poetry, Songs, etc.

For non-SMMT related links (Sailormoon links, friends, other good stuff) then go to the Links page. All spinoffs, sequels, and fan-written fanfiction based on the SMMT has been moved to here

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Radio Plays
    Sailormoon Neo Radioplay
    A fantastic radioplay...they've done a fantastic job casting, mixing, and have really captured the feel for the fanfic. I'm honored. *.* By Ranpha

Shrines to Characters

    This is a wonderful shrine in the making to Neo Saturn. I can't wait for this site to be finished. :) By Kelly Wright & John Cobb

    The Sailor Libra Shrine
    This website has been up since 1996, it's very small, but I very appreciate the effort. :) This was the first fan-shrine that I had to any of my Senshi. By Kelly Moule.

Role-Playing Games, Discussion Groups, Etc.

    Sailor Moon Neo RPG
    A brand new Sailor Moon Neo RPG that begins following the storyline, then drifts off on its own course. Role-play via email, lots of characters still available! By Lins, Skye, Nilah, Nikki

    This page is still underconstruction, but it's looking great already. This is the home page for the IRC-based RPG of Sailormoon Neo by Seishi-san
    --Since animecity died, this site has died as well. If there's a new site up, please tell me. :)

    A RPG on onelist that allows original characters as well as RPing in the Sailormoon Neo world. By Kelsi

Everything Else

    prima donna
    SO CUTE! Emma has created *adorable* Sailormoon Neo icons for you to adopt in both Senshi and civilian form. They're adorable! ^_^ If you have a webpage and want to show your support for Sailormoon Neo, go here! ^_^ By Emma

    Megan's KiSS Page
    You may know Megan Simko for her absolutely KAWAII sd-art of the Neo Senshi, well, to make things even more active and even cuter--here's her webpage which highlights the Neo Sailormoon and Sailorspringstar KiSS dolls! Her site also has TOO-CUTE dolls of the Sailoranimamates. By Megan Simko

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