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Blog Goodies:

Like memes? Try these out and stick them on your blog... or just try them out for fun. :)

Thanks to Lizzie for these :)

The SMMT: Sailormoon Zodiac
Name / Username
Favorite Zodiac
Favorite Villain
Jessica thinks... you're a threat
You think that Arsineru... is overrated
This Zodiac saves your life... Sailoraquarius
Niko-chan is... isn't all that bad
The world would have been better off... if Selestia had beaten Selenity
This QuickKwiz by lavenderlizzie - Taken 27 Times.
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Damn that Jessica...
The SMMT: Sailormoon Neo
Name / Username
Favorite Neo Senshi
Favorite Star Senshi
Favorite Villain
The Kasumi/Seishi/Ryuu love triangle is... your favorite part of Neo... no the whole Trilogy!
Vandium... is really gay, he just tries to hide it with the henshin thing
You wish you were... Himeko, so you could forget all about this mess
You may not know it, but Himeko... is living proof of Haruka's infidelity
Solana... wishes we could all just get along, deep down inside
Probability that you'll pull a Himeko and forget everything: - 25%
This QuickKwiz by lavenderlizzie - Taken 30 Times.
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The SMMT: Sailormoon Genesis
Name / Username
Favorite Genesis Queen
Favorite Extra Character
Favorite Talisman
You flunked out of Proserpina's senshi training class because... you spent too much time staring at Neptune
You think that Princess Serenity's sneaking to Earth is... foolishness, but that's because you're jealous
You pray to Metallia for... Princess Serenity to die, the brat
but then you get caught by... no one, lucky you
When the Silver Millennium falls, you... are busy passing your Talisman to the Neo senshi
Probability that you'll escape the fall of the Silver Millennium - 48%
This Quiz by lavenderlizzie - Taken 15 Times.
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