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Donating to sailormoon-millennia.net

Its entirely up to you whether or not to donate to sailormoon-millennia.net, my fanfiction will always be available to people for free, but there is a cost in keeping the site running. I've paid thousands of dollars (seriously :() since the creation of the website, mainly costs to the high usage of bandwidth my site takes up. The main costs of the site go to maintaing the image gallery and the forum. I am not asking for money to write the fanfiction or to use the services on this website. You have no obligation to donate, but if you'd like to, then please do so. Your donations will keep the site up longer, plus its just a really nice thing to do if you feel you're short of nice deeds for the year. ^^;

What ways can I help the website?
There are several ways~
1. You can donate directly, via PayPal, to me (please click on the donation link to the left). You don't actually need PayPal if you have a credit card. However, I recommend that you only do this if you are thinking of donating more than say, $5.
2. You can donate directly to DreamHost, the host of many of the bigger files on s-m.net. If you're worried I might blow a donation to me on something like a trip to Hawaii, this is a way to ensure it only goes to the website.
3. If you are in need of a website, then you could sign up with DreamHost. I'll then get a referrals fee, which will go towards the website automatically (and you, in turn, will get referral money from anyone you sign up n_n). Its a very good service, very cheap, lots and lots of space and goodies--plus, the best part, excellent customer service.
4. You can offer to mirror some files. Please note you'll need your own server and a good deal of bandwidth as some files can be quite large.
5. Something I don't really encourage, but some people figured this to be a better way to support (particularly around my birthday or Christmas.) If you really want to, then you can get me something off my Amazon wishlist. However, I would really recommend something from #1-3 as I don't really need some of that stuff as much as I'd rather keep these sites in existence. ^_^;

How much should I donate?
However much you feel like. If all you can donate is $5, then that's fine (anything smaller than that is inefficient since paypal has a usage fee) If you'd like to make a bigger contribution, then please do so. ^^; If you want a more specific number, well, I'd say just try and figure out how much entertainment you get out of the website and give accordingly. ^^; Consider how much entertainment you get from the site, then give accordingly. If you figure that $12 is $1 a month, and you visit the site frequently, I'd say that's a pretty good value for your donation. Its ultimately up to you.

Where does this money go?
100% of your donation goes to paying for the website, nothing else. I take contributions and set them aside. Don't worry, you're not buying me Louis Vuitton bags. ^^; However, for more of a clear-cut definition, a $50 donation covers the website fees for 4 months. A $10 donation helps the monthly cost (or covers any overcharges I acquired for the month because of the image gallery.) Every little bit helps!

Thanks to everyone who's already donated!

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