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[ SMMT Characters >> Sailormoon Genesis >> Maia de Suisei ]

Image Coming Soon! Lady Maia de Suisei

    Significance: Mother of the Water-Star
    Mother Of: Princess Mercury
    Role: Military/Diplomatic Advisor to Queen Selenity
    Favorite Color: Blue, Silver, White
    Likes: Reading
    Dislikes: Conflict
    Images By: N/A

Who is Maia de Suisei?
    Queen Maia de Suisei is a Lady of Queen Selenity's court and one of Selenity's most trusted advisors. She's wise and level-headed, peaceful and kind. She is known on her home-planet and throughout the system for her beauty and intelligence. Already the others are talking of how her daughter follows in her mother's footsteps. As a Military/Diplomatic Advisor, Maia is well versed in military strategy and tactic--though she cringes at the thought of having to ever use it. Despite Maia's dislike for war, she does not believe that all wars are unjust--and thinks it may be necessary in some cases in the name of justice. Though it is one of Maia's greatest fears that she should ever be wrong and hurt innocents due to a mistake or misjudgement. Maia is the constant companion of Queen Dione de Kinsei.

    Queen Maia de Suisei is protected by the Water-Star. She is perhaps the most practiced of all the other Inner Queens. However, after a mishap when she was a child in which she injured another Senshi-in-Training, Maia swore to never wear the uniform of a Soldier. Since then, the Kouri-no-Sensu has sat in a glass case on display.

Items & Powers

    The Kouri-no-Sensu
    This Talisman is a white fan (sensu) which appears to be made out of frost--or some sort of glass, but is able to be folded and used as a standard fan. The Kouri-no-Sensu is usually on display in Maia's castle.

[ SMMT Characters >> Sailormoon Genesis >> Maia de Suisei]

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