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[ SMMT Characters >> Sailormoon Genesis >> Amphitrite de Kaiousei ]

Image Coming Soon! Lady Amphitrite de Kaiousei

    Significance: The Third One Who Encircles of the Sea-King-Star
    Mother Of: Princess Neptune
    Role: N/A
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Likes: Luxury, Art, Beauty
    Dislikes: Ugliness, Poverty
    Images By: N/A

Who is Amphitrite de Kaiousei?
    Queen Amphitrite de Kaiousei is perhaps the least liked of all Ladies of the Silver Millennium, though she could care less about that. Amphitrite has many adorers and is particularly popular on the Sea-King-Star. She can be ruthless and cold, but all of it is raise the standard of life for her and her subjects. Amphitrite believes that beauty, rather than fighting or talking, can be used to get things that one wants. She also has a tendency to be a know-it-all and snob. She tends to refuse to go along with the other Ladies of the Court, simply because she never believes she should make sacrifices for others she doesn't know or care about. Despite all this, she is very loving and doting upon her daughter and tries to make sure that her daughter is not hurt by the ugliness of the outside world, if at all possible.

    Queen Amphritrite de Kaiousei carries the protection of the Sea-King-Star, Kaiousei. She was once a powerful Senshi, but after an unknown incident, she promptly stopped. Since then not only has her personality been disagreeable and detached, but she has also refused to have anything to do with battle and was more than reluctant to allow her only daughter, Neptune, to be chosen as the Senshi representative of the Sea-King-Star.

Items & Powers

    The Deep Aqua Mirror
    A beautiful mirror that was given to Amphitrite by her grandmother. After she ceased becoming a Sailor Senshi, the mirror has sat upon her dresser table where she uses it to look at her own reflection.

[ SMMT Characters >> Sailormoon Genesis >> Dione de Kinsei]

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